Ambassador Paua Shell - fountain pen

Ambassador is our heaviest pen.
Fountain pen weights 70g when closed and
40g with the cap off.
This pen offers comfortable writing and will look great and impressive on any desk.
The pen is crafted from real Paua shell and Finished with Rhodium and 22k Gold.
Ambassador Fountain pen uses standard European style cartridges or a standard ink converter.
Stainless Steel Iridium tiped nib, Medium point.
Comes in a gift box.

Upgrade nib: Taskovski Limited Edition, 18k Gold,
M point, altitude stability 2500m (with this nib you can even use your fountain pen in an airplane. In an altitude of 11000m, the cabin pressure
decreases to a value corresponding 2500m above sea level. Even under this extreme conditions
the ink feeding system guarantees writing pleasure without leakage). This nib comes with a mirror polished front section made from 316L stainless steel.

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